I'm trying to enter the settings into Cura for the printer.

The manual has a screenshot of what they should be:

Suggested settings, from manual

However, when I run Cura and try to enter the settings I'm presented with different options:

Available machine settings (Printer)

Available machine settings (Extruder 1)

  • How do I translate the settings from teh screenshot into the settings I have available?
  • Should I be concerned about the settings that aren't available to enter?
    • Are they important?
    • Do I need to enter them somewhere else?

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Your manual is in another Castle!

The manual you look at is for Cura (1) 15.04. You are however using Ultimaker Cura 3, most likely the most recent 3.6.

Quick references

The machine setup is for the physical settings of the machine - build volume, nozzle diameter, coordinate system and such.

The other settings you refer to are all set in the right bar, but you will have to switch from simple to advanced mode, and possibly activate the settings you need.


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