I recently downloaded Magicavoxel to give this voxel thing a try, and I was curious if there was a way to turn the voxel files into a file for printing?

Magicavoxel doesn't seem to offer a way to export the project as STL.

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Magicavoxel supports export as .obj, natively or with the right plugin.

While .stl is the standard for 3d-printing exchanges, as it contains a "1-unit" length,(typically that corresponds to 1 mm), .obj is also accepted by most slicers.

To get to MagicaVoxel's native export, look in the lower right corner, click export and see this pop up:

Export menu

Press the top-left OBJ option and you get a save position window where you can store it. Then open it with your slicer and choose a scale - most .obj files do not contain a scale as the format does not contain a unit measure by default like .stl and has to be given one.


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