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Questions tagged [acetone]

For questions about the acetone chemical - a chemical used to assist with finishing and smoothing 3D prints.

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14 votes
6 answers

Safety precautions when using acetone

Acetone can be used to smooth ABS prints. What safety precautions should be taken during its use?
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6 votes
2 answers

How does acetone "rejuvenate" PEI?

The Prusa3d knowledge base mentions that acetone will "rejuvenate" PEI in addition to cleaning oil and grease from the surface. About once a week, or when prints stop sticking, use ACETONE to clean ...
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4 votes
3 answers

PRUSA likes the bed to be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol. What else should I use?

I have the original Prusa i3m3 printer. Prusa recommends cleaning the bed before each print with isopropanol (isopropyl alcohol), with only occasional cleaning with acetone. The textured bed ...
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Acetone smoothing not working on ABSPlus-P430

I am using a STRATASYS Fortus 250mc to 3D print some parts. I have read a lot on internet and also on some scientific literature that Acetone dissolves ABS and cold/hot vapor has been successfully ...
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Acetone Smoothing an ABS Cone - (New to 3D printing)

Today marked my first time using a 3D printer - have to admit I was originally skeptical but am now incredibly impressed and am having to hold myself back from purchasing one for myself! Was a great ...
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I need an acetone substitute

Acetone is banned in my country, and I cannot get it. What substitute could I use?
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How to clean / remove frosting from build-surface

I recently got into 3D printing. Printer Setup Model: Ender-3 Board: 4.2.2 Firmware: Manufacture version of Marlin with BLTouch (Aug 2022 update) Auto-level: CR-Touch Bed Type: Stock --- Textured PEI ...
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