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2 answers

Converting an undirected graph to optimal G-code paths

I am developing an image to gcode program, that would recognize edges and generate corresponding G-code to be sent to a plotter. I was able to detect edges using the Sobel operator; then the edges are ...
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How can I tell if an STL model will need supports?

How can I detect if a generated STL model will need to be printed with supports? Context: I have a pipeline which parametrically generates OpenSCAD models, generates the STL, and sends them to the ...
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Does anyone know what kind of algorithm Slic3r uses to generate its toolpath? [closed]

Is there an algorithm that Slic3r uses to generate the infill? I'm doing a research on toolpath algorithms and improving my prints by the way or controlling the path it takes. I wasn't too good in ...
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Which algorithm does Marlin use to create arcs?

I'm writing a paper about a plotter (I use a Prusa i3 with a custom "extruder" aka pen). And I'm supposed to write about the algorithms I/the plotter use(s). I tried reverse engineering, but since I'm ...
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How are delta movements calculated?

On a Cartesian printer movements are really simple. If we assume the printer has 100 steps/mm on each axis, then a move of 10mm on a axis is just 1000 Steps on that axis. Movements that are not ...
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