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How can I conveniently render a sliced .3MF, .STL etc as a solid model for Finite Element Analysis?

This may sound ridiculous but I'm looking for help regarding turning sliced models such as this... ...into something that can be subject to Finite Element Analysis. Note that I'm interested in ...
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How can I rotate a 3D model to be parallel with the build plate?

I have an STL that has a flat surface which should contact the build place when 3D printing. The model has an unknown rotation. How can I rotate the 3D model to be flush with the build plate? I am ...
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3 answers

FEA in 3d printed solids

I would like to get a pretty accurate method to do finite element analysis (FEA) on my 3d designs considering the infill. I use Autodesk Inventor to design parts but the FEA can only be applied to a ...
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Plastic most closely mimicking Ultem in Autodesk Inventor

I'm trying to run a stress analysis on an assembly of parts that will be printed in Ultem 9085 (on a Fortus 400MC). I am trying to find a plastic that most closely mimics the material properties of ...
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Choose infill percentage

Since I'm running a 3D printing facility of an engineering school, students are always wondering how much infill percentage affects the stiffness of the part. I know that it is impossible to get a ...