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Is 3D printing suitable for repairing a refrigerator shelf glide rail?

The plastic glide rail on which my refrigerator vegetable drawer (bin) traveled recently broke. The rail was part of a large plastic shelf, which is no longer available for purchase. I'm thinking ...
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5 votes
4 answers

3D printing and coating of heat-resistant objects, such as a turbine blisks or blades

Is it possible to 3D print an axial turbine 2 - 4 inches (50 - 100 mm) in radius, capable withstanding temperatures about 800 - 1000°C and rotation speeds of 100 - 120 x 103 rpm? How expensive is ...
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Is there a method or S/W available to stitch together a DLP projector's output into a "moving picture" to SLA print in a larger area than its output?

I'm popping my cherry here, so to speak. Refer to my Hackaday project for system details & pictures: Sciclone 3D Printer Conversion Repurposing a lab-grade liquid handling system to a 3D printer ...
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16 votes
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How is 3D printing done in space?

This article states that 3D printing has been accomplished in outer space, on the International Space Station. I'm curious as to how this works differently from 3D printing on Earth. Are there any ...
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