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Acetyl Styrene Acetate is a plastic that is used extensively in the Automotive industry due to its thermal stability.

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What solvents are appropriate for smoothing/finishing ASA?

When I print parts in ABS, acetone vapour smoothing is a good technique to get a smooth finish. Is there an equivalent solvent or process for parts printed in ASA? Ideally I'm looking for something as ...
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ASA and BVOH adhesion

I am printing a mechanical part for my printer. It's a new mount for my extruders and I have been attempting to use BVOH as a support filament so that when my print is done it will cut down on the ...
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Print ASA without enclosure

Is it possible or recommended to print with ASA filament with printer that has no enclosure? I Know that ASA is better than ABS, but is it that better that enclosure is not needed?
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Unknown issue affecting print quality

I have been having issues with a vase print using a FlashForge Creator Pro. I am using the default slicer for the printer(FlashPrint) because the Creator Pro only accepts ...
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Second layer of ASA print 'runs'

I am using a Prusa i3 MK2 to do a print in ASA, and I'm having a problem where on the second layer the plastic 'runs' into lines across the direction the head travels. It looks like the plastic is ...
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