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Questions tagged [axis]

Use this tag for questions related to a certain movement direction of the printer

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Axes no longer moving Ender 5 Plus

The printer was working fine until the nozzle jammed, so I cleaned it out but accidentally unplugged the BLTouch. I plugged it straight back in again but now none of the axes will move at all, not ...
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Printing issue with X-axis motor

Here's an idea of what's going on. This is a picture of the progress during the first layer: Printing a simple calibration square, and as you can see, my X-axis is not moving like it should. I turned ...
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Wavy walls on one axis (not ringing)

I own an Ender 3 max and after I did a fan upgrade to the main board (In the progress I need to let the printer sit on the y axis motor and might bend something), there're wavy patterns on the wall ...
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Considering size of smooth rod

I am making a DIY 3D printer based on the Prusa MINI. I want to ask what smooth rod size is great for a printer with a 20x20x20 cm print volume. I am planning on using a 8 mm rod for the z-axis and 6 ...
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