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1 answer

Are there specific advantages in using ball bearings on the extruder drive bearings

I'm probably going to answer my own question because I ordered a set of ball bearings to repair the extruder and then walked passed my lathe and realised all I had to do was turn some brass bushes the ...
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Building 3D printer: LM8UU bearing can't fit into

I'm new to 3D printing and I'm learning how to build my own 3D printer. I bought polymer LM8UU bearings and I'm trying to fit onto a rod of dimension: D8 mm * L300 mm. Sadly it doesn't fit, ...
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4 votes
1 answer

3 vs 4 bearings for y axis travel

I have a Monoprice Maker Select Plus, where I'm doing the Gulf Coast Robotics carriage plate upgrade. I was watching through an installation video just to find any "gotchas" I might want to ...
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2 answers

Replacing bearings with Drylin bushings

When I purchased my China made Anet A8 printer, it came with the ball bearing style linear bearings for the 8mm guide rods. While pulling parts out of the box and putting them together, I noticed ...
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Graphite self-lubricating bushings performance?

I'm about to start building a CoreXY style printer and can't decide which bearings/bushings to buy. My first printer was a Delta with belts and opendbuilds wheels, so I'm lost regarding this matter. ...
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2 answers

Black goo from only one linear bearing - serious issue?

I have a cheap cartesian printer with the usual arrangement - X axis with three linear bearings, build plate moving as Y axis on three linear bearings as well, Z axis with lead screws. After about 2 ...
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