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Belt Printers, aka Printer Mills differ from normal printers in their geometry and functioning: The bed of such a printer mill, the Y direction, does move in one direction only during printing, while the printhead moves on a tilted plane in both X and Z. Models need a special slicer to be made for Belt Printers and design constraints are different due to the non-cartesian coordinate system.

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How graduate the correct belt tension

I moved a little the belt tension, and now the last layer is awful and weird. How I will know the correct tension? My printer is a custom BLV 220 x 220 x 280. I think and I am almost sure, that this ...
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What slicers have support for belt printers, or could have support added via a plugin?

What slicers have support for belt printers like the CR-30? Or what slicers can have an add-on, plugin, or extension added to them to support it (from a user level, not a dev level). I found more ...
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Can't connect PowerBelt3D Zero to Print Server

I have tried connecting via Repertier, Pronterface, and OctoPrint. All of them fail to get a response from the handshake attempts. The OctoPrint "AUTO" setting will automatically try all ...
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What effects does the non-carthesian coordinate system have on the Part-design process for printing with a belt printer?

Background: What's a Belt Printer's Coordinate system? For "normal" Cartesian (Portal, Cube) or Cylindrical (Delta) coordinate printers, the same Design Consideratons are to be kept in mind. ...
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