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For questions about 3D printing parts which are compatible with the interlocking plastic "Lego" bricks manufactured by Lego System A/S. For generic Lego questions, please visit our sister site Bricks Stack Exchange.

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2 votes
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Stepper motor D shaft to Lego axle adapter

I am working on a prototype and I have a need for a motor shaft to Lego axle adapter for use with a stepper motor. My overall project entails controlling a stepper motor using C# via USB connection to ...
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How to print Lego bricks?

How can I print Lego bricks in order to make them attach? I need them to be standalone pieces. I use resin to print. My model is Elegoo Mars 3. What resolution should I use? Also, how should I color ...
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16 votes
2 answers

Which resolution is needed for bricks compatible with Lego?

I found a story about someone 3D-printing equipment for their Lego minifig, using an Ultimaker. (Article is in Dutch, but accompanied by photographs). I noticed that what they made weren't the actual ...
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7 votes
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Can I print my own Lego bricks? [closed]

Assuming I've 3D design (or I've created one) which looks very similar to Lego bricks, I am allowed to 3D print them for my personal use? Do I need to obtain some permission to do so, because of some ...
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