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Questions tagged [bug]

For questions relating to issues arising in 3D printing software and firmware

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1 vote
1 answer

Auto Homing issue (Z-axis ignores endstop but individually homing each axis there is no problem)

I'm experiencing an issue with the auto homing where the Z-axis will ignore the endstop when I use the auto home button in Pronterface. Strangely, homing the axes individually I don't seem to have any ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Creality Ender-3 V2 motors going insane

I recently started using my Ender 3 V2 again because I needed it to print a hook. I went through multiple problems that I could solve by updating the firmware but after starting the print, I heard a ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Anet A8 stops printing

I have an issue with my Anet A8 printer and how it interlocks with Ultimaker Cura. I want to print this file named Loki_hörner_v2.stland Cura slices it fine, but ...
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