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Is it possible to get higher resolutions by using high resolution encoders and custom firmware?

So I was thinking about is it possible to reach higher resolutions with encoders and DC motors? I found a cheap high-resolution magnetic encoder that can be used along with a DC motor to access higher ...
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What is the best way to build a closed loop continuous rotation servo for 3D printer?

So I was thinking of using a closed-loop motor in my 3D printer for better accuracy and high-speed printing without losing steps. I have analyzed options available including just tweaking stepper ...
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MKS / Bigtree Closed Loop stepper the same?

Is the MKS and BigTree closed loop stepper the same? I see more responses to BigTree question. I read BigTree was plug and play and seems to be getting good support from them. I'm using the MKS ...
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Mixing (closed loop) stepper drivers on MKS main board

Can I mix BIGTREETECH S42B closed loop stepper drivers on the MKS Gen L controller board with other drivers? Are the pins in the same position? Would mixing work?
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Can closed loop steppers be used for extruders?

I am relatively new to 3D printing, but have some background in industrial equipment and test machines. An important part of printer setup is getting the extruder mm/step rate configured correctly. I ...
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