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How should I implement the Z-axis in a fixed build plate 3D printer?

I'm working on a project where I have to design a Cartesian 3D concrete paste printer, in which I aim to make the build plate fixed with a 500 mm × 500 mm build area. But I'm confused as to how I ...
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Why do concrete 3D printers zigzag?

Why do concrete 3D printers lay the concrete in a zigzag shape? I know pouring it in a straight line makes it unstable, but the zigzag shape reduces the contact of the top layer to the layer below. ...
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How does this Martian habitat 3D printer built for NASA work?

The ArchDaily article AI SpaceFactory Wins NASA's 3D-Printed Mars Habitat Challenge shows a working 3D printing apparatus using an unusual material containing basalt fiber extracted from Marian ...
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What is the reinforcement for 3D printing concrete cement?

When houses are printed with concrete cement what replaces the steel rebar for reinforcement? Here's a link referencing printing concrete: House ...
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