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Questions tagged [cooling]

Questions about cooling 3D printers or 3D printed parts.

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Hotend Will NOT Heat Up with Bullseye

So I just printed my Bullseye mod for my cr-10. But now I have a problem, when my hotend is trying to heat up it can't, because the cooling is to powerful. I know this because when I stop the fan with ...
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How to systematically calibrate all the parameters of variable fan speed?

When a part is thin and the overall layer time decreases below a certain threshold, the plastic has no time to cool down enough to solidify and properly support the next layer, resulting in low print ...
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SKR E3 mini Ender 5 Enclosure cooling system

I was hoping I could find some help as I am not that familiar with Marlin. I currently have an Ender 5 and I am in the process of replacing the stock board. So here’s what I am trying to do: I have ...
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