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TFT35 and G-code preview

Is there a way to have the Bigtreetech TFT35 v3.0 show a G-code preview while printing - similar to the MKS TFT35?
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1 answer

Connecting (Anet A8) 2004 display to MKS GEN L V2.0

Although it seems this question has been answered before Connecting (Anet A8) 2004 display to MKS GEN L this one differs because the v2.0 board has no obvious AUX-2 connector. So the question is, how ...
2 votes
1 answer

Configuration of the Anet A6 full graphic LCD 12864 on an Anet A8

I finished fixing my Anet A8 about the 3DTouch sensor working with the LCD2004 stock display, I am installing the full graphic display LCD 12864 (for Anet A6) but when I compile Marlin 1.1.9 the ...