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Questions tagged [drive-gear]

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PLA Print fail - Stringing and underextrusion

I've been printing for a few months now and most of my prints end up pretty fine, but recently this started happening: I print on a Creality CR-10 Smart Pro with 1.75 mm PLA and a 0.4 mm nozzle at ...
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Air printing/jamming midway through raft creation

For a school project, my teacher gave me a brand new Longer 3D printer to create parts with. After one good job, the printer cannot get past the raft creation without air printing. The thickness of ...
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2 answers

Dual extruder with gear shifting

I am planning to upgrade my printer with a second extruder. Since my printer is a Tronxy X8 it's frame is not exactly vibration resistant, so I'd like to keep the print head weight down. At the same ...
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What are the effects of backlash from a geared stepper motor used to drive a filament extruder?

Question background: I am building an extruder / hotend combination to be used with 2.85 mm filaments. The extruder I chose is QR Extruder from Bondtech which comes with a stepper motor, with an ...
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When to use an anti-backlash bolt for a Z drive gear?

I am building an HEVO printer with a 300x300 build plate and the project includes two T8 lead screws, lead 8 mm ("Tr8x8(p2)"). I read that such long lead may worsen backlash issues, so anti-backlash ...
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Good methods to clean extruder gear (hobbed) from filament pieces?

I'm using a CraftBot original to print PLA, but some of the filament has become stuck in the teeth of the extruder gear on its way into the hot end. I'm having issues with the gear becoming stuck and ...
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3 answers

Filament Guides Drag

Backstory I've had issues in the past with my drive gear "eating" my filament. It seemed that the filament quit extruding for one reason or another and the drive gear would slowly eat away at the ...
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What are the appropriate ranges of gear ratios for 1.75 mm and 3 mm filament extruders?

Most 3 mm (mostly are actually 2.85 mm) filament extruders have some kind of gear reduction. Many 1.75 mm extruders are direct-drive / ungeared but some do use gears. What kind of ...
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