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E3D is a manufacturer of 3D printer parts. They are most well known for their E3D V5 and V6 hotends.

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BLTouch not probing all points and motors making really loud noises since rebuild of latest Marlin (new hot end installed and BLTouch)

Please listen to this video, which illustrates the issue, with the sound on. Link to configuration.h and configuration_adv.h ...
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How to install E3D Volcano to CR-10 mini?

I have E3D Volcano and want to upgrade my CR-10 mini. Found instructions how to change E3D Hotend for CR-10, but can't find any with CR-10 mini. Could I use same instruction that was made for CR-10? ...
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E3D High Precision Heater difference

Does anybody know an exact difference between E3D High Precision Heater vs a standard one? I mean technical characteristics not only about its naming. Or maybe somebody has both of them and did some ...
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What is the functional difference between an e3D-Style nozzle, Makerbot MK8 and M6 Chinesium Nozzles?

There is pretty much an ecosystem of two Nozzle designs out there that share the M6 thread on the coupler to the Heating block: the e3D "snub nose" or "shouldered" design. the "Chinesium" nozzle ...
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E3D V6 nozzle vs MK8 nozzle, first layer adhesion

Does anyone notice that when they upgrade from an MK8Makerbot(?) to a E3D V6 hotend that when using the same settings and bed-leveling/z-distance-setting procedures, that the filament is much more ...
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