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Questions related to the efficient use of a 3Dprinter, or how to optimize the printing and design process

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Bed surface stability vs head movement efficiency question

I have an STL (Raspberry Pi 4 casing) that automatically places itself like below on the bed surface: Would it be a better and more efficient print if I place it like this: At first, I thought this ...
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How to efficiently pack a build plate?

I have a project that has lots of parts to print. I want to pack as many as possible onto the build plate. Does anyone know of software that can do intelligent packing?
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Are 3D printers efficient for printing a detailed iris to bypass iris identification system?

A 3D printer can either print layer by layer or carve an object layer by layer to obtain an object. I heard somewhere that 3D printing technology isn't that accurate for printing minute details like ...
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Efficient and easy way to thermally insulate the heat block of the hotend?

Sparked by this question, I wanted to discuss the most efficient and also the easiest ways of thermally insulating the heat block of the hotend. I have seen Kapton tape insulations as done here with ...
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