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Questions tagged [enclosure]

Enclosures of 3D printers can include simple self-made noise shielding housings up to professionally built heated chambers. This tag is not used for the frame of the 3D printer itself unless it directly comprises an enclosed printing area to some extent.

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1 answer

Does every 3D printer need an enclosure?

Some materials need a heated chamber, which in itself is an enclosure already. However materials such as rPLA, PLA, PHA don't necessarily need a enclosure, or even a heated bed. Could printers that ...
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How to find enclosed 3D printer that can host 1 kg filament bobbins?

I'm struggling to find out an enclosed 3D printer that allow to load the common 1 kg filament bobbins. Most of the enclosed ones accept only proprietary bobbins (like Dremel or Flashforge). Do these ...
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3D printer in a wardrobe

I was wondering if I can/should put my 3D printer into a wardrobe. Would it make my clothes smell? (They won’t be directly next to it) . I was wondering if it could make the printer overheat, or make ...
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Shocks and enclosures

I have a Creality CR-6 SE running Community firmware. It's printing mostly well, in part because it's improvisationally enclosed (sheets of cardboard between it and the closes window to reduce draft, ...
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Is enclosure without ventilation enough to keep VOC's and printer fumes from leaking into my room?

I am currently in the look for a 3D printer and one major issue I find it the fumes/VOCs that printing can emit. I am not planning to do ABS or similar but I've read from studies that PLA also may ...
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4 answers

What are the options for an insulated but still transparent door for a 3D printer enclosure?

When considering enclosures able to reach higher chamber temperatures, insulation is essential to keep the heater power low. Typical insulation materials are not transparent: cork (fire retardant, ...
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Do hygroscopic filaments (PVA, Nylon) absorb moisture while in a heated enclosure

I’m new to using PVA support filament, and have read it is especially prone to absorbing moisture out of the atmosphere. People made it sound like it starts to happen quickly, and if you aren’t ...
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Order of a HEPA filter and Carbon filter in a filter-stack

I am going to make a filter for the enclosure of a 3D printer and want to remove both VOC's (with activated carbon) and Ultra Fine Particles (with a HEPA filter). But in what order should the filters ...
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Safe, cheap, heated enclosure solution for New England garage

Hopefully this isn't against the rules as it may fall under "opinion" more than a concrete answer, but I'll ask anyway. I live near Boston and it gets cold here. My Ender 3 Pro is out in a ...
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SKR E3 mini Ender 5 Enclosure cooling system

I was hoping I could find some help as I am not that familiar with Marlin. I currently have an Ender 5 and I am in the process of replacing the stock board. So here’s what I am trying to do: I have ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Enclosures (w.r.t. emissions) useful for not only printing ABS?

I've been reading and seeing a lot of texts on the internet and videos on YouTube claiming that enclosures are both beneficial and not so beneficial. My main concern though is the possible toxic fumes ...
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1 vote
2 answers

How important is it to move the printer's controller board outside of an enclosure?

I am building an enclosure for an Ender 3 Pro printer, and am planning on the power supply and LCD unit being outside the enclosure. How important is it to move the printer controller (where the SD ...
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1 vote
3 answers

Does an enclosure need a roof to print ABS?

I have an Ender 5 printer, which is a frame-based printer with no enclosure. However, I want to print ABS. Some experiments with a massive cardboard box have shown me I need an enclosure. Because the ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Is there a way to print with ABS without enclosure?

ABS is a very strong material, but it also has some downsides. One of them, which is the necessity of having a printer with enclosure, completely discouraged me from using it, as it would be a waste ...
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Printer cover for noise abatement, cleanliness, temperature control [closed]

Has anyone made a cover for their 3D printer? Edit: What kind of Max temperature should be allowed? From the comments, I understand the control board and power supply should be outside the enclosure. ...
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9 votes
2 answers

Best way to deal with Resin Printers in your living space

I know I did something stupid. I just had to have a SLA 3d printer. The issue being I live in a one bedroom apartment. In the months of owning it I have made lots of amazing pieces, I also for the ...
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Exhaust air solution

Can you think of a preferably cheap solution for me? I need a machine that pumps air out of my 3d printing enclosure, about 4 meters of pipe length. (From enclosure to window) What kind of pump or fan ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Using hardboard for 3D printer enclosure; what is the temperature rating of hardboard?

I am looking for the temperature rating for hardboard. I want to use that as the base for my printer enclosure. It has proven incredible hard get a ball-park figure from Google. So, what is the ...
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Print ASA without enclosure

Is it possible or recommended to print with ASA filament with printer that has no enclosure? I Know that ASA is better than ABS, but is it that better that enclosure is not needed?
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1 answer

Enclosure Ventilation

I am building an enclosure for my 3D printer (Anycubic i3 Mega) and I'm wondering about heat and ventilation for my machine. My enclosure is is build from five 50x50x50 cm Plexiglass frames glued ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Printer Enclosure Material Selection

Im planning on building an enclosure for my CR-10S and am debating whether to use MDF walls lined with an insulation foam that reduces noise and keeps the heat in or going with double pane glass walls....
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1 vote
1 answer

Project help, printing a Neopixel enclosure to secure to a car rear windscreen

I haven't purchased a 3D printer yet, I've been working on the software and electronics for my project and now I'm about ready to get a printer, haven't decide on which yet. Recommendations welcome. ...
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7 votes
3 answers

Enclosure, things to pay attention to?

I got an Anet A8 and want to build an enclosure for it. Since I'm currently only printing PLA, I would do it mainly for noise cancelling, because I have to run it in my room. I however want to have ...
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6 votes
6 answers

Commercially available 3D printer fume and UFP extractor

Is there a commercially available fume and nano particle extractor for a 3D printer, like the Ultimaker3 extended? I'm looking for a safe solution, to use at home, for around $800.
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1 answer

Is a heated bed necessary if printing with PLA? [duplicate]

I'm looking at getting this printer, the da Vinci 1.0w 3D Printer, very soon as my first printer. Since this is an enclosed printer, from what I can tell from the pictures, and given that it is a PLA ...
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Do I need a heated bed for printing PLA in an enclosed printer?

I am planning on building a large enclosed (Cartesian XY-Head) 3d printer. I want to keep the inital build time minimal and it is very likely I would need to build the ~50x50cm heatbed from scratch, ...
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5 answers

Should I enclose my 3D Printer?

I have a home built RepRap with all sides open.. Would there be any advantage to enclosing the print area in acrylic?
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What air filtration options exist for enclosures?

Given the emissions that 3d printing gives off (ABS = styrene and other chemicals, PLA give some off, etc), what options are there to filter the air in the enclosure other than venting the air out of ...
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