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Formula of calculating 3D printing time [duplicate]

So I have the following pieces of information based on which I want to calculate the estimated time It would take to 3D print something. 3D Object's width, height, and depth (millimeters) Its weight ...
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How to calculate a rough 3D printing time?

So I have little to no idea regarding 3D printing and was building web-based software for a client, I have 3 values in my access, Material: PLA Material Cost: 1300 kr per kilogram Infill Percentage/...
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2 answers

Estimating filament consumption in length per time

I printed a lot of models in last month. I spent 2 kg filament in total. I want to know how many hours have been passed while printing. As far as I read, 1 kg PLA (1.75 mm) is about 110 meters long. ...
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Tuning time estimates in Cura

Cura consistently under-estimates my print times. I know I'm not alone here, but I've also noticed it seems most of the difference comes from travel and retraction times... that is, if I re-slice an ...
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Calculating the estimated print time of an already sliced file

I started to write an application that calculates the estimated total print time from the G-code file for an already sliced model. The program works and it's pretty accurate. It works as follows: ...
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How to 3D print a bike? [closed]

I've seen article about World's First 3D Printed Bike. What kind of printer is required to do that, briefly how long it takes and how much does it cost? Is this even achievable at home? Doesn't need ...