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Questions tagged [extruder-driver]

For questions relating to the driver of the extruder

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2 answers

Ender 3 - mobo 4.2.7 - driver adjustment

I upgraded my Ender 3 with a new Mobo, the 4.2.7 version. My current setup is: Printer Specifications: Ender 3 Upgraded Motherboard 4.2.7 (Silent Stepper Drivers) Marlin FW Upgrade to Version 2.1.x ...
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Extruder oozes filament out and slides build platform on contact with nozzle tip

If I am 3D printing on my Ender 3, and I pause the print, the extruder lets out more filament for like 2 seconds. This leaves a glob of dry filament on my print, which the could contact the nozzle tip,...
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Plug simple stepper motor NEMA 17 on E2 slot of the main board on Creality CR10

I have build a Syringe Pump with a simple stepper motor (NEMA 17), and now I want to actuate it through my 3D printer. I successfully replaced the main extruder with it and it worked, although I had ...
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Why do nearly all cheap 3D printers have a Bowden extruder?

It seems that a Bowden extruder is the most used in all cheap 3D printers by far compared to Direct Drive that is very rare under 500 USD machines. But I haven't understood the reason, since in terms ...
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Extruder stops printing before finishing first layer (Ender 3 v2 w/BIQU H2)

Let me preface this with me being quite a newbie to 3D printing, however, I am an engineer and coder, so tinkering with stuff like this is quite the norm for me. Don't be afraid to be too technical, ...
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1 answer

What are the effects of backlash from a geared stepper motor used to drive a filament extruder?

Question background: I am building an extruder / hotend combination to be used with 2.85 mm filaments. The extruder I chose is QR Extruder from Bondtech which comes with a stepper motor, with an ...
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Auto bed leveling with stepper motor lock

I have a botObject printer that was discontinued that I want to run using a RAMPS 1.4 board. The bed leveling was done by the print nozzle being pushed down on the spring loaded bed and then the ...
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2 answers

How to have double extruder and double Z motor on a 5-driver board?

We are using the Board SKR 1.3 with the following pins: ...
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Extruder doing the shimmy, How can I fix?

Printer: Monoprice Maker Select V2 3D Printer Problem: Extruder not working History: My extruder was clogged and I didn't realize it at first and I opened the extruder and pulled out the stuck piece ...
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Ender 3 Pro extruder drive rocking back and forth

I've been running this Ender 3 Pro for quite some time with no problem up until recently. The issue was the printer refused to extrude filament (the extruder stepper seems to be rocking back and forth)...
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2 votes
2 answers

Is there any (relatively simple) way to determine whether a stepper is being directed to move by the voltage signal across its winding?

This may be a long shot, but I was wondering if the signals seen across a stepper motor's windings could indicate whether the stepper was being told to move over some short time period. This is in ...
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5 votes
1 answer

How to test Arduino Mega, RAMPS 1.4 and Full Graphic Smart Controller LCD?

Unfortunately, my extruder 8825 driver ended up fried. I guess this might have damaged the Arduino Mega and RAMPS Board. I tested the Arduino Mega and I'm pretty sure that it is fried too, so I ...
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2 answers

Steps per mm of extruder are incorrect after rebuilding

I have got a problem that after upgrading my printer to an aluminum frame my extruder went from around 400 steps per mm at 16 micro steps (which did match the manufacturer's recommendation perfectly) ...
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Extruder driver not working

I have a geeetech g2s pro and when I request to print something, the extruder motor doesn't move (it is connected on the board), therefore, the printer prints some kind of imaginary object. I cannot ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Extruder motor not running during print job but working after I preheat the extruder and test it

I have a Prusa i3 (from FLSun). I have assembled the printer, calibrated it (fairly decently), and have successfully demonstrated extrusion manually. However, when I try to run a print job (the G-code ...
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2 answers

Weight Reducing Design Change for Extruder Driver

I'm considering removing the driver motor from the extruder assembly, and placing it on a stationary mount point instead, and then using a flex-shaft type connector from the motor to the extruder ...
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