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Questions on the quality of the print material for FDM printers that comes in the form of filaments

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Strange looking walls at beginning

I have this strange looking walls but only at the beginning of the wall line. I thought it's underextrusion caused by a clogged nozzle, so I tried cleaning it with a cold pull but it didn't help. The ...
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How round are filaments?

I am planning to install a filament diameter sensor to my printer, but that sensor measures only one diameter. If the filament is not round, an additional error will be introduced. How round are ...
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How to avoid line curvature in first layer of a 3D print

I have a problem with large lines in the first layer of my prints which have curvatures. The last layer has no problems. You can see the problem in the horizontal line of the "A", the rest of the "A" ...
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Can a print test be performed to determine nozzle and filament quality?

Given that, a printer is well-maintained and calibrated. I'm searching for two particular tests: First, is there a specific print test that can be performed to test the quality of the nozzle alone, ...
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New filament makes brittle prints

I recently bought 5 spools of white 1.75 mm PLA off Amazon. However, I experienced some very strange behavior when I started to print with it. First, the filament wouldn't stick to the print bed. I'...
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