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Questions tagged [glue]

Bonding two or more items together, where at least one is 3D Printed.

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1 vote
0 answers

How would you connect multiple large prints permanently together?

I have 3D printed the Operator Sledge's (Rainbow Six Siege) sledgehammer for a cosplay convention out of PLA filament and want to permanently affix the different shaft pieces.
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2 votes
3 answers

How can cyanoacrylate haze be removed from PLA?

Using cyanoacrylate to glue PLA parts sometimes leaves a white residue or haze near the glue locations. Is there an easy way to remove it? I've tried water and alcohol swabs but after drying the haze ...
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1 vote
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What is the best glue for the task of assembling a 3D printed part with other materials?

I have printed some connectors from PLA, in order to make a frame for a "tent" cover for my Ender3 printer Since printing rods would be a long process with likely poor results, I'm using ...
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5 votes
3 answers

What glues to use for PETG?

In analogy to: What glues for bonding printed PLA to injection-molded plastic?, what are the best glues to use for PETG? I mostly print in PETG and have occasional failed prints which I usually ...
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What glues for bonding printed PLA to injection-molded plastic?

I will be creating a small tube styled piece to use as a junction between two pieces of plastic. The idea is to reattach the two pieces and provide strength so they don't break apart again. I plan on ...
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