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Questions tagged [hbot-3d-1.1]

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1 answer

Hotend temperature climbs past set value

I have an old HBOT printer (now they call themselves Zmorph). I had to replace the old hotend. From the looks of it, what I need is a J-head MkV type nozzle (from RepRap wiki). I've bought and put ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Problems with underextrusion

I have a problem with, what I think is underextrusion (see attached photos), but I'd like to ask you If my assumption is correct. If it is underextrusion could you advice me which slicer settings ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Enabling Pause feature on HBOT 3D 1.1

At work, I have an HBOT 3D 1.1 printer and I need to be able to pause my prints. I've tried all the usual G-code commands (M0, M1...
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