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Questions tagged [health]

For questions about the long-term effects of 3D printing. For questions that concern immediate safety during handling and operation of machines and materials, use the [safety] tag instead.

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4 answers

Is 3D printing safe for your health?

I would like to buy a 3D printer, but I'm concerned about the health risks that are associated with its operation. Some groups of scientists say it can be harmful for humans. What do I need to ...
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Would 3d-printed objects outgas in vacuum?

I want to fabricate a sample holder and shadow masks to use in vacuum chambers. The type of printing material is not important to me PLA/ABS/PC-ABS/nylon). I'm worried that 3d printed objects (FDM) ...
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Serious safety concerns with living in same room as PLA 3D Printer?

I have an Ender 3 which I primarily use for printing with PLA. I haven't branched out to other materials yet. :) I've done some research into PLA fumes and airborne particulates which seemed to ...
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Are there biocompatible materials available to the general public?

I am currently working on parts for a custom prosthesis. My main concern at the moment is to find biocompatible materials that can be 3D printed from a UP or a Reprap. The piece would need to be in ...
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Should I consider health impact of ABS or PLA when printing cookie cutter?

Should I consider health impact of ABS or PLA when printing cookie cutter similar to image below? How safe it is to use ABS or PLA for kitchenware in general?
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6 votes
2 answers

What are the safest temperatures to heat different filaments to?

I recently backed a 3D printer on Kickstarter, and I would like to 3D print parts for high-temperature applications. So I have two questions; What's the highest temperature polycarbonate can be ...
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How do I determine whether a print material is dishwasher, food, and microwave safe? [closed]

I would like to print lunch boxes, which I can put into the microwave. How could I determine, if the print material is appropriate (dishwasher, food, microwave safe)?
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What's the best printing technique to produce splints (a device to immobilize a body part)?

One of the most interesting field in which the 3D Printing is being considered is the fabrication of biocompatible devices and parts for a medical applications. For that I am interesting in knowing ...
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1 answer

Is the first layer safe to touch after printing with heated bed adhesive (PrimaFix)?

I just purchased the PrimaFix heated bed adhesive for my 3D printer. I read on the back of the box that it's dangerous when it comes in contact with the eyes, skin, mouth and when swallowed. After ...
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Can you use PLA material with food and drinks?

I would like to print fancy plastic cutlery sets or plastic glasses. Is it safe to do it? Or bad for your health, if so, why?
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Are 3D prints safe to touch right after printing?

Are 3D prints safe to touch right after printing? If not should I do some kind of curing (like in resin printing) when my prints are done or wash them with alcohol or something.
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3 votes
5 answers

What are some good safety tips for a 3D printing beginner?

I have just bought my own 3D printer. However, I am now reading that there may be some safety risks to 3D printing. I will be taking some precautions, such as buying an enclosed 3D printer (the ...
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Printing dental temporary crowns

If the right filament material is available, it seems practical for dentist to 3D print temporary crowns. Multiple images of the tooth to crown could be used for a 3D scan. Custom software or settings ...
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Is there proof that 3D printer made nanoparticles are dangerous? [closed]

Facts: Breaking down (or melting) plastic creates nanoparticles.1 3D printers melt plastic.2 Therefore, 3D printers make nanoparticles.3 Nanoparticles are evil.[citation needed] Wait, What? 1. ...
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