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For questions about the development and history of the process and technology behind 3D printing. To fit with the Q&A format, questions should be about a specific aspect of the history, and not broad or open-ended.

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5 votes
2 answers

What happened around 2012~2013 in 3D printing field

Comparing trends show that 3D printing stepped over to another level around 2012~2013. Why?
8 votes
2 answers

Where did Marlin get its name?

Does anyone know how the developers of Marlin decided to name it that?
6 votes
2 answers

When did mass produced FDM printers become available?

I know very little about the history of 3D printing, except that SLA came first (in the 1980's?), and FDM development was probably held back by patents. By 2016, very low price kit machines were ...