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For questions related to the use of masking tape, which is often applied to the print bed for adhesion

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Why does the painters tape have to be blue?

I have been looking at getting some painters tape to use on the glass plate for better print adhesion, and everything I read suggests the blue painters tape, such as this: However, this white tape is ...
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Adhesion problem (heat bed or extruder issue)

I am having an issue with the transition from the first layer to the second. It seems that the first layer isn’t staying put on the hot bed and the extruder is dragging it around creating a ball of ...
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What do you use to keep your blue tape from lifting?

I have a few issues with the blue tape, which I'm trying out for the first time. The tape seems to warp, bubble and lift from the aluminum plate when it heats and cools and during printing. I put ...
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Does cheap "plasticy" blue painter tape actually melt when printed upon?

Leading on from Darth Pixel's photographically informative answer to Why does the painters tape have to be blue?, which showed close up the plastic fibers of cheaper versions of painters tape... as ...
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