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For questions relating to medical usage of 3D Printed objects, including printing materials. Differs from the health tag, as health deals with the general health and safety aspects of printing, rather than medical applications of 3D printing.

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Filament suitable for medical masks

I'm trying to work out what filament is absolutely safe for prolonged contact with someones face. The contact may be for hours at a time and it's in terms of a facemask so they'll be breathing through ...
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PETG and Clear Aligner?

There is a material called PETG. In addition, there is a medical solution called Clear Aligner to fix perplexed teeth. Can I use a 3D printer using PETG and make transparent apparatus? The program I ...
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Printing dental temporary crowns

If the right filament material is available, it seems practical for dentist to 3D print temporary crowns. Multiple images of the tooth to crown could be used for a 3D scan. Custom software or settings ...
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PLA infill/perimeter-layer to mimic real bone hardness

I friend of mine is in need to have human bone printed for educational purpose. Of what I understood they will use it for practicing drilling in it and thus need the printed bone to mimic a real bone. ...
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What's the best printing technique to produce splints (a device to immobilize a body part)?

One of the most interesting field in which the 3D Printing is being considered is the fabrication of biocompatible devices and parts for a medical applications. For that I am interesting in knowing ...
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Inexpensive 3D printer for medical applications

We need a 3D printer, that can print with plastic suitable for medical applications. We have about $5000 for the printer. What printers can we choose? I am not a specialist in 3D printing, so please ...
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Can anyone suggest what technology and 3D printing material is most suitable for printing of dental models?

I'm looking for a 3D printer for applications in the dental field, for printing digital dental models (not for itra-oral use parts). Resolution and finish are the main requirements that we consider ...
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Are there biocompatible materials available to the general public?

I am currently working on parts for a custom prosthesis. My main concern at the moment is to find biocompatible materials that can be 3D printed from a UP or a Reprap. The piece would need to be in ...
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