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Z-Axis on i3 clone won't move at all, Melzi A4982 driver problem

I'm setting up a replacement Melzi 2.0 board from TRONXY for my i3 clone (a Monoprice Maker Select v2 for those curious), which according to the RepRap wiki has A4982 drivers for all the steppers. I'm ...
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1 vote
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Unable to upload Marlin 2.0 to Melzi 2.0 board

I need to set the HOME_POS manually since it isn't printing in the center of the bed. But whenever I try to upload it to the Melzi 2.0 board I get an ...
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How to compile Marlin for Melzi board without bootloader?

I'm trying to enable a lot of features on my custom build of Marlin, and I'm having trouble fitting into a reasonable space limit. I'm compiling through the standard Arduino IDE with Sanguino board ...
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