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Why not use high rpm stepper motors with high microstepping with gear reduction in 3D printer?

3D printer use stepper motors for moving print head and extruding filament. They need to have good torque and resolution. Microstepping improves resolution as much as 32 fold (I think) but reduces ...
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Does matching whole Z-motor steps for layer height actually matter on Ender 3?

This question asks about computing the fundamental layer height unit for full Z-motor steps, on the basis of a theory that layer thickness can be inconsistent if the height is at different micro-...
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Does this microstepping test result indicate need for TL smoothers?

Note: The "TL smoothers" referred to in the question title are an arrangement of 8 diodes that presumably both provide a voltage drop to address the minimum current output issue of some stepper ...
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TMC2208 drivers - Microsteps configured incorrectly

I've just installed two TMC2208 drivers on my RAMPS board. I followed a very good step by step tutorial and after some issues, I got it nearly to work. One problem I still have is that when I tell the ...
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Full steps mode for Z axis stepper controller

I have a Cartesian style 3D printer (FLSUN Cube), with two Z-axis stepper motors (1.8°, 200 steps/revolution) with T8x8 lead screw (8mm / 2mm pitch with 4 starts), and currently they are using 1/16 ...
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Real life stepper speed

I am wondering about the speed that my steppers should achieve in regular operation and what the determining factors are, from theoretical hardware facts/limits to software limitations that can ...
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What are the benefits to using 128X microstepping drivers on the X and Y axis of a FFF printer?

Assuming you have a high quality printer with a fast processor, will you see a noticeable improvement by upgrading from 16X/32X microstepping drivers to 64X/128X microstepping drivers? (e.g. smoother ...
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