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Questions using this tag should involve a 3D printer that is manufactured by Monoprice and branded by the name MP Mini Delta 3D Printer.

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What options exist for augmenting the automatic bed-leveling?

When I print this file, one section smears. The print head is dragged through the soft filament. At first I thought my aluminum bed was warped, so I upgraded to a glass bed. Test prints were much ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Getting bumps/warts on surface, Cura doesn't want to comb?

I have not been able to print smooth and round shapes using Cura 3.3.1 (or earlier) without bumps. I think they are seams? The filament is PLA. Combing is enabled, which I thought makes it so that ...
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Single point Z-correction after 3-point auto-leveling

On my Monoprice Delta Mini, auto-leveling is performed based on three pushbuttons, on which the printer platform rests: The nozzle moves downwards until one of the buttons detects being pushed down. ...
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Monoprice MP Mini Delta - How to get started?

I just got a Monoprice MP Mini Delta from an Indiegogo Campaign, but it came with no printed docs. How do I get started?
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