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Questions about 3D printing with multiple materials.

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Filament change (M600) causes color mixing despite excessive purge

I have an Anet A6, where I uploaded Marlin 1.1.9, because the manual filament change on the stock firmware was really bad (90 % of the times it clogged the hotend). I've tweaked it a bit, and I'd ...
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How much time/material does it add up using a multi color 3D printer?

I am wondering how much time/material would that add up using AMS or Mosaic Pallet 3 Pro with an FDM 3D printer compare to using a single filament? I know it depends on how many colors we use and how ...
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Adding more extruders to GT2560

What possibilities are there to add a third and fourth extruder to GT2560 rev A? The board by default contains connections for two sets of extruder drivers and steppers and has no obvious way to ...
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Four colors on same (non-first) layer, single-extruder, manual color change with purge tower

TL;DR I need to make Cura start printing each of four models at the purge tower for only one layer. I'm printing gridlines that need to be all white except for particular color details on ONLY the ...
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