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For questions regarding Nylon filament

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Underextrusion on small layers

I am trying to print Benchy at 50% scale out of nylon (trimmer line). And all is ok, but there is under-extrusion when the boards are already printed, but before printing the roof. Sometimes it is so ...
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What filament to use for outdoor high humidity, temperature, and payload?

I wanted to build a 4-wheel ground robot vehicle with a payload of 25 kg for outdoor use, but I wanted to make the frame/chassis using a 3D printer. The outside temperature ranges between 30 °C-35 °C ...
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How to fix these issues with Nylon?

I'm using Ultimaker Cura and a Dremel 3D45S with an eSun Nylon filament. As starting point I'm using the default settings of the printer, 260 °C for the hotend and 80 °C for the bed. These are the ...
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Humidity sensor says drybox isn't that dry - are my expectations unrealistic or is something wrong?

I have recently, in anticipation of printing carbon-fiber-reinforced nylon filament (Polymaker PA6-CF) on my Prusa i3 MK3S, built a filament drybox. It is made out of a large aluminum equipment ...
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Alternative to PA12

Looking for alternatives to Nylon PA12. I need a material that is extremely impact resistant, durable and can be left outside. PA12 performs like a dream but it warps intensely on thick parts, so I'm ...
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How does direct drive conversion allow higher print temperatures?

I have an Ender 3, currently in stock Bowden extruder configuration. I want to be able to print nylon and TPU, both of which require temperature too high for the tolerance of the PTFE Bowden tube (as ...
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Do hygroscopic filaments (PVA, Nylon) absorb moisture while in a heated enclosure

I’m new to using PVA support filament, and have read it is especially prone to absorbing moisture out of the atmosphere. People made it sound like it starts to happen quickly, and if you aren’t ...
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Is it better use Nylon fillement for cold pull even if I have been using PLA?

Using Prusa I3 MK3S I am using PLA fillement and I need to do cold pull from time to time. I noticed many people on Internet suggestusing Nylon fillement for clod pull. I wanted to reach out to this ...
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How to set multiple draft shields in Prusaslicer?

Draft shields helped me a lot to get some usable prints out of ABS on a non-enclosed printer with a small printing bed, but I noticed that the shield cracks (it is affected by the issue that would ...
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Increase hotend temperature on Monoprice Ultimate 2

I'm fairly new to 3D printing and I have a Monoprice Ultimate 2. The Monoprice website says it can reach 250 °C with a 100 °C bed temperature. I want to print some projects using Matterhacks Nylonx, ...
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3 answers

Does a teflon insert in an E3D V6 clone limit it's useable temperature so it can't print nylon?

I'm new to this game, and recently upgraded the hotend on my Ender 3 Pro to a clone of an E3D V6, as I'm keen to do nylon prints at some point. I noticed however that this one I got has a teflon liner ...
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Prusa MK3S Nylon&ABS print failures

I'm using Prusa i3 MK3S and every time I want to create a durable, impact resistant part, I use ABS/Nylon. The problem is, however, that when I print something small (of less than 1 cm width for ...
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Any experience with nylon drying on heated build platform and printing on paper?

A while a go I thought that I could try printing in Nylon on my Wanhao Duplicator i3 with full metal hotend. Boy, was I wrong: The filament was not dry and popped like foam. The platform (Buildtak) ...
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Printing with Nylon 6,10

Can Nylon 6,10 be used for 3D FDM printing? What range of temperatures be used to print with it? How does it compare to the standard 3D printing Nylon material (I think it is 6,6).
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What are the limiting factors when trying to print flexible filaments with a Bowden extruder setup?

Other than the most obvious issue with the filament kinking in the tube, what other issues could arise when trying to print flexibles (i.e. TPU/TPE, Nylon, etc.) with a Bowden style extruder setup? ...
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Settings for Taulman 618 Nylon

I would like to know what are the best settings for Taulman 618 Nylon filament? In particular, the print head and print bed temperatures.
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