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How to I give my mesh object (STL/OBJ) a flat surface?

When scanning objects like sculptures using Kiri Engine (photogrammetry) often the bottom is open. What I currently do after exporting to OBJ, is opening it in my RevoScan app and use the "fill ...
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How to change the orientation of an object inside the STL or OBJ file?

I have little experience with CAD software, only use Thinkercad and only recently started using the Revoscan app. I know how to rotate files when slicing (in Cura) but that only has an effect on the ...
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How to 3D view an OBJ or STL object given its URL?

I have OBJ and STL files generated by reality capture software and stored on a website. I'd like to send our users web links that will take them to a 3D object web viewer loaded with the corresponding ...
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How do I compress 3D files

I'm trying to compress different 3D files, but find it difficult to find the right software to compress the file. What are the most suitable 3D file compressors to compress 3D files like STL, OBJ and ...
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What is the difference between STL and OBJ files and which one should I use?

One of the CAD programs I use is called TinkerCAD, which lets you export your design in either STL or OBJ form. What is the difference between these two file types? And which one is better to use?
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Can MeshMixer export models for color 3D printing?

I have captured several models using 123D Catch and Autodesk ReCap 360. I do all my "clean up" work in MeshMixer to prepare the models for printing, and while exporting to STL works great for ...
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