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Open source describes software/hardware which has openly available source code/designs and a license that allows studying, exchanging and distributing the designs for any purpose to anyone.

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How do I compress 3D files

I'm trying to compress different 3D files, but find it difficult to find the right software to compress the file. What are the most suitable 3D file compressors to compress 3D files like STL, OBJ and ...
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How to create supports for the parts hanging above 45 degrees? [duplicate]

Do you have any specific process recommendations to achieve support for the parts hanging above 45 degrees, using open source software?
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Through what methods and mechanisms can a multi-material FDM printer operate?

I now own the Prusa3D MMU2. The benefits, costs, and experience others have had is well documented. I am interested in rebuilding my large, home-designed delta machine to be multi-material, and don'...
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Resources on getting horus/ciclop scanners to work? [closed]

I have a Ciclop (HE3D version) scanner ready to try to use, but it seems the Horus software is hopelessly bitrotted. It has breakage from API-level changes at least in the Python bindings for OpenGL, ...
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At which point does a delta 3d printer change the G-code in order to work in its non-cartesian design?

For example, to make a DIY cartesian 3d printer you could use/do the following: Create G-code using a program of your choice. Load it into Universal G-code Sender (GRBL). Pass it into an Arduino with ...
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Resources/methods to construct STL files using disparate parts using OpenSCAD

What resources or methods would OpenSCAD users suggest to piece together disparate STL files? I'd like to take an existing STL model-library of STL parts (head, torso, arms, legs) and make it a ...
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Open Source 3D scanning

I am trying to make a structured light 3D scanner using single camera, light projector and a turntable. After days on Google I did not find any reliable open source project which I can get to work. ...
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Is there any opensource software that controls the RAMPS RepRap board directly from the computer?

I'd like to find an opensource software that communicates directly with the RAMPS board (or any other 3D printer driver) without using the arduino... It doesn't matter if it runs on Windows or linux ...
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What are some good FOSS or free tools for editing STL files for 3D Printing?

I'd like to customize and modify some parts on Thingiverse, beyond just simple scaling for 3D printing. I've been looking for some tools that convert the STL files into something that is easily ...
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Alternatives to RepRap project? [closed]

I would like to print 3D desktop printer, but currently I know only RepRap project. Ideally I'm looking for some better quality or larger alternatives (e.g. for printing larger parts than RepRap ...
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