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For questions specifically about P3Steel printers (Versions 1, 2.0, 2.01, 2.5 and 4.0 and any further versions and/or derivations using steel as a base material for the frame). This tag is not to be used for general questions about the Prusa i3 or Prusa i3 derivatives. These printers have their own tag.

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Which wire size to connect 24 V PSU to board?

I'm building a new 3D printer (P3 steel type, 24 V setup) and I've been struggling with the wire gauge to connect the PSU (24 V, 15 A) to the SKR 1.4. From my calculations, 1.5 mm2 should be fine, but ...
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Visible/irregular horizontal lines for complex models

There is this small issue I've been trying to find a solution for quite some time now, and nothing I've tried seems to work. My machine is an FDM printer, i3 style, but I have customized so much of it ...
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P3Steel v4 w/ 20x30 cm bed, or 2.5.1 w/ 20x20

I'm building a new printer after having an Anet A8 for about two months and getting a feel for what I want. I'm planning to buy a P3Steel frame; but can't decide which version to get. There are one ...
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Is the 8mm x 20mm bearing axle for the X-axis idler (of a P3Steel) a custom part?

Here is the X-axis of the P3Steel: The X-axis idler end of a P3Steel printer, employs an 8 mm diameter rod for the axle on which a 608zz bearing is mounted for the GT2 belt. This 8 mm rod is ...
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Skipping Y-steps, only when using Ultimaker Cura

In order to find out why my printer sometimes skips Y-steps (always in the same direction) only in Ultimaker Cura, I am digging into the G-code to understand the problem better. However, thousands of ...
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Orientation of long thin rod on P3Steel v4

I have a derivative of the P3Steel v4, which is not the Irobri design but another version (I'm not entirely sure which), from Poland: Frame Prusa I3 P3Steel v4.0 +RODS. I have assembled the frame, ...
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Z axis top brackets, of P3Steel, differ between v1.x/2.x and v4

I have been studying the differences between version 2.x and version 4 of the P3Steel frames - in particular the AC08 bracket at the top of the frame which secures the top of the smooth bars and ...
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