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How can I test that my stepper motors for functionality and compliance?

I bought a set of 5 stepper motors from Trianglelab's official Aliexpress shop. Only one of these motors was given any kind of protective bubble wrap for shipping. The contents of the package shifted ...
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2 answers

How to test all pins of a STM32 board?

I have an SKR PRO control board with a dead (shorted, it's burning hot) main processor. I ordered a new board, it was my mistake. The voltage regulators work, so I ordered a replacement STM32F407 ...
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How to check if filament sensor is ok?

The filament sensor of my i3 MK3 stopped working. In the support menu, it just says IR: N/A. This is the same output as if I disconnect the filament sensor. My PCB ...
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17-4 PH Tensile Test

When I do a tensile test on 17-4 PH stainless steel, the stress-strain curve is very strange, two sections of Young’s modulus appeared. What is going on? The sample is made by SLM.