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For questions related to the physical and chemical properties of plastic.

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Is it possible to 3D print plastic straws?

Plastic straws are forbidden in the EU so it will get harder to buy them. I wonder if it is possible to 3D print plastic straws? I would likely use them as tools when woodworking, but if you can use ...
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Creating a plastic scallion whistle

Recently my uncle-in-law taught me to make a whistle using a scallion stem. You can watch this video to see the process. Of course, the video shows making a whistle with an onion stem. But a scallion ...
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3 answers

Plastic bottles to filament

Is there a machine (for hobbyists) that will make filament based on the type of plastic I put in. I will sort the plastic before I will put it in the machine. I have seen the filabot but this uses ...
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2 answers

What is SBS plastic

I want to print a part from Thingiverse. In the description, the creater writes that he used SBS to print it. I did some research because I never heard of SBS. I found a description on Filaments....
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Why laser is not used to melt/soften material in polyjet?

Polyjet uses UV light to cure UV curable plastic material. I was wondering as to why laser light can't be used to soften/melt just any plastic material instead of using UV light to cure only UV ...
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TPU Plastic leaving residue in my bed

How do I remove the residue left by TPU plastic ? I used to print with ABS plastic and while it left a little bit of residue, I could remove it with Isopropyl alcohol and then scrap it with my spatula....
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Is there proof that 3D printer made nanoparticles are dangerous? [closed]

Facts: Breaking down (or melting) plastic creates nanoparticles.1 3D printers melt plastic.2 Therefore, 3D printers make nanoparticles.3 Nanoparticles are evil.[citation needed] Wait, What? 1. ...