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Trouble with polycarbonate print on Ender 3 Pro - What could be the cause?

I performed a polycarbonate modification on my Ender 3 Pro (heated chamber, external electronics, all-metal hotend, new thermistor, PID-tuning, dry-box, actively cooled motors through Peltier cooling, ...
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Prusa i3MK3S+ layer skip with polycarbonate (overheating?)

On the last couple of polycarbonate prints with my Prusa, one or more layers have been completely skipped (i.e. no material extruded). The rest of the print is fine save some minor warping. I'm ...
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Large prints cracking

I'm trying to print large objects (around 1 meter squared) with polycarbonate pellets. The problem is sometimes the print cracks. It is not due to delamination as it is a shear crack across multiple ...
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