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Issues getting an image texture to print on a Statasys J750

I'm trying to print out a digital elevation model of a landscape with a satellite image of the landscape overlayed on it as a texture. I've been working with the makerspace at my University, who have ...
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Are fully cured Polyjet parts safe to sand?

I work with poly-jet printed parts, more specifically, Stratasys objet pro, printed in Vero Black. The parts are always fully cured before taken off the bed. We are sometimes required to sand these ...
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Why laser is not used to melt/soften material in polyjet?

Polyjet uses UV light to cure UV curable plastic material. I was wondering as to why laser light can't be used to soften/melt just any plastic material instead of using UV light to cure only UV ...
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What is the distance between two consecutive material jetting holes in a series in a polyjet printer?

In a material jetting 3D printer (polyjet printer) there are multiple holes arranged in series and multiple such serieses are arranged in rows. (See image below). These holes jet the material onto ...
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What alternatives are there to sanding resin parts with fine details?

I have some transparent resin parts printed with a polyjet printer. Where the support contacted the part it has a matte finish. The recommended finishing technique for these parts is to sand them with ...
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