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Use this tag for questions about post processing, i.e. additional methods and processes after a print has been completed.

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Perimeters/shells not properly fusing - delamination

I come to you all in my time of need, as I have nowhere else to turn. I’ve been a 3D printer for about two years now. I have an Ender 5 Plus. Up to this point, all of my prints were fine straight out ...
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Why is a mold required in isostatic pressing after performing Sintering

After an a object is formed through direct laser sintering, as a post-processing procedure the object is sent for hot-isostatic pressing, In hot isostatic pressing the sintered object is placed in a ...
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Automatic support removal and depowdering

We are working with 3D-printed metals. The printed models have to be manually post-processed. The supports need to be removed and depowdering (grinding the metal so it's smooth) has to be done. This ...
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How do metal infused filaments work?

I am considering making modifications to my Ender 3 so I can print metal-infused PLA, but I'm somewhat unclear on how it works and how the PLA is supposed to be separated from the metal content in ...
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Sealant to increase Water-Resistance of SLS print

We are attempting to print some single-use prototypes using an SLS printer. The parts must be somewhat water-resistant for short-term usage, but do not have to been waterproof entirely. According to ...
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