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Print-material, in comparison to the tag 'material', helps to specify that the question is concerned with the material the print itself is made from. This includes 'filament' as a subgroup but also SLS polymers for example.

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How does one use a heat tower?

I've been asking around on how to choose the right temperature for a given filament. I noticed that with two different brands of pla I have to print at different temperatures, and the manufacturer ...
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Is 3D printing safe for your health?

I would like to buy a 3D printer, but I'm concerned about the health risks that are associated with its operation. Some groups of scientists say it can be harmful for humans. What do I need to ...
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How should I clean my extruder when changing materials?

I often switch my print material, i.e. ABS / PLA / Wood / Flex, How can I best clean out my extruder between them to ensure I don't contaminate my next print?
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Which is more durable to sunlight/weather - PLA, ABS or PETG

The backstory: I'm installing a pigeon net in my home. Because of the shape of the opening I'm installing the net in and the material on the sides it's difficult to anchor the net using the normal ...
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How does this Martian habitat 3D printer built for NASA work?

The ArchDaily article AI SpaceFactory Wins NASA's 3D-Printed Mars Habitat Challenge shows a working 3D printing apparatus using an unusual material containing basalt fiber extracted from Marian ...
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Why does PETG require slower speed?

PLA has a heat capacity of 1.8-2.1 J/g-K, while PETG 1.1-1.3 J/g-K. This means that each gram of PLA needs more energy to heat up. I assume no "melting latent energy", since we talk about ...
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How can I remove my print from the bed safely

I have printed two objects with my new 3D printer (Anycubic Mega S) and everytime, my prints are stuck to my bed (sort of glued to it). I cannot remove them by hand. I have tried waiting until it ...
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Can I 3D-print a PET bottle?

I want to print a transparent PET bottle for my homemade lemonades and thought about 3D-printing them. I would like the printed bottle's quality to be as fine as a Coca-Cola PET bottle for coke and ...
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PETG layer adhesion

I've been playing around with PETG for the first time, and everything seemingly worked right just from the start - clean prints, no stringing, no bed adhesion problems, no warping or dimensional ...
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What are the ideal print conditions for polypropylene?

I'm having a lot of trouble printing polypropylene right now, and I think it may have to do with the conditions. I'm using a very thin coat of ABS on the base plate (just as you would do when printing ...
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How to avoid stringing?

How can I avoid the irregularities and stringing in the print. Printer Used: Fortus 450mc Model: PC Model tip: T10 Support tip: T12SR Support: SR-100 Slice Height: 0.0050 in I have printed two ...
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3D printed mold techniques for long and short term usage

3D printing can be used to make injection molds of unimaginable complexity but which kind of 3D printing process is suitable when? Suppose that a part is to be made using injection molding in large ...
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Can commodity 3D printer extrusion hardware and filament be used for injection molding?

Assuming you have a suitable oven to maintain temperature at the filament melting point and a suitable mold that can handle the temperature, is a commodity 3D printer hotend and extruder, with large ...
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Material to use inside ultrasonic cleaner

I am trying to create a couple of holders for my ultrasonic cleaners. They are supposed to be used for parts that don't fit in the holder that came with the cleaners. I was wondering what material is ...
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Are there FDM epoxy/resin printers?

After seeing a question about FDM printing of temperature-resistant parts, high-temperature 2-part epoxy came to mind. Are there any (experimental or production) FDM extruders for laying viscous, fast-...
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2 answers

PLA continuous operative temperature

For personal usage, indoor, I'm doing some experiments with following lamp (v0.1): Lamp is a led bulb enclosed in a methacrylate tube and with a 3D printed finish at the top using PLA (my first 3d ...
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What polymers are used in 3D printed Alumide?

Does anyone know what polymers are used in 3D printed Alumide? I know it has Al and nylon, but does it have anything else? NASA has a database of materials that out gas and I'd like to see if Alumide ...
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How to find pure PLA filament?

Prompted by discussion in comments of a recent question whether PLA is suitable for parts that need to be in contact with acetone, I did some casual experiments and found that my clear/"natural&...
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