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Questions tagged [print-material]

Print-material, in comparison to the tag 'material', helps to specify that the question is concerned with the material the print itself is made from. This includes 'filament' as a subgroup but also SLS polymers for example.

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0 answers

Does Silk PLA really contains elastomers as additives?

I have heard many times that silk PLA is PLA with some unspecified elastomers in it, but without any reliable reference to confirm this statement. If it contains elastomers it should be more flexible ...
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1 answer

Problems with ColorFabb XT: over extrusion

I could really use some help here. I am trying to print with ColorFabb XT and have been having an overflow problem, which creates an accumulation of material on the nozzle tip creating stringing and ...
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What material can withstand riveting or the compression of self-tapping screws?

I'm making a flip sign of sorts. The backing of a sign of this type is normally affixed to sheet metal, or the supporting structure behind the sheet metal. My fear was the plastic would crack during ...
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What happens if you try to print with UV resin that's well past it's use by date?

I've got a bottle of UV resin that got left at the back of draw and forgotten about. It's probably 6 months out of its advertized use by date. What is likely to happen if I try to print with it? It's ...
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Question about viewing molecular structure of 3D printed objects

I'm writing a research paper about the implications of additive manufacturing for space travel. As a part of this paper, I'm going to illustrate some of the drawbacks of 3D printed objects such as how ...
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Advice with material selection for compression applications

I am creating a punch and a base for an arbor press and because of the specific size need, I want to 3D print them. The most pressure that an area of the base and punch should endure is something ...
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Adjust shape dimension in UGS G-code software

I am quite new to CNC. May I ask how to reduce the length per pixel for the entire triangle? I want the template length, height, and every dimension to be reduced by 10 times, which means the height ...
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Green residues are present on all my prints, and the adhesion is pretty bad

It has been three weeks since I first tried to solve this problem. Here's the video. I cleaned the hotend yesterday, as it was fully clogged and full of plastic. My heatsink seems to be attached good. ...
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