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Questions tagged [print-strength]

Questions related to the mechanical strength of a print, e.g. material strength, or finished part strengths

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0 answers

Best infill for inter-layer adhesion

I'm fairly convinced that gyroid is the best infill for a lot of purposes, and use it regularly now, but both conceptually and anecdotally, it doesn't seem very good for reinforcing inter-layer ...
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2 votes
0 answers

How much weaker do PETG parts become when exposed to UV light from the sun?

What is the effect of UV on PETG parts? Can I minimize that effect by placing some kind of UV light blocking film/coating? Also, is there a limit in how much weaker a part can become because of ...
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1 vote
0 answers

How to find the weakest point of a model?

I would like to use some kind of simulation software to test my model and find the weakest points for example when pressed or stretches from different angles or positions. Under different loads or ...
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Question about viewing molecular structure of 3D printed objects

I'm writing a research paper about the implications of additive manufacturing for space travel. As a part of this paper, I'm going to illustrate some of the drawbacks of 3D printed objects such as how ...
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Is there a filament that exhibits less deformation than PETG (when subjected to stress for a particular application)?

I've printed a "clamp" in PETG which locks a power switch down (the "On" position). After a few days, the print is not working anymore. So I was wondering if PLA (or any filament) ...
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Advice with material selection for compression applications

I am creating a punch and a base for an arbor press and because of the specific size need, I want to 3D print them. The most pressure that an area of the base and punch should endure is something ...
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