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What galvo scanner does your SLS 3D printer use? Normally which ones should I prefer while buying one

I wanna buy an SLS 3D printer and I figured it uses Galvo scanners to sinter powder. The whole printing operation depends on this Galvo scanner thing. What Galvo Scanner does your printer use and what ...
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Why is a mold required in isostatic pressing after performing Sintering

After an a object is formed through direct laser sintering, as a post-processing procedure the object is sent for hot-isostatic pressing, In hot isostatic pressing the sintered object is placed in a ...
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On a LENS printer, does the head move, or is it table that moves when printing?

I'm wanting to know how a LENS printer moves to create 3D prints.
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Slicer for "metal" 3d printer [closed]

In my last topic I learned that Pronterface can control powder 3D printer provided that the slicer generate g-code for printer which is printing from metal. My question is as follows. Is there a ...
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Why can't powder-based 3D printing techniques create enclosed or hollow structures?

Metal powders are the fastest-growing segment within the 3D printing materials market, and 3D printing with metal offers a range of highly-sought out characteristics, including immense strength, ...
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