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G-code dialog sequence over serial interface

I'm writing a Python module that allows new tricks with printing - it already can produce G-code I can put into a file, send to the printer and print out. No problem with generating the correct codes ...
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Flsun Q5 returns 'ok 0' as response to every command

I have a Flsun Q5 which I am trying to get to communicate with my python script. The script is this: ...
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Receive M114 command while printing using Printrun

I'm working on a project for which I use the Printrun package to serial communicate my G-code to my 3D printer (Creality Ender 3, Marlin firmware). The idea is that I have an external button connected ...
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How can I fix an error from building a 3D printing slicer software for a robotic arm based on a provided code from GitHub, getting an error LNK1181?

Not sure if the right place to ask this particular question but will try anyway. Currently trying to run a software as presented in the link here: GitHub - zhangty019/S3_DeformFDM: S^3-Slicer: A ...
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PyCNC - Z steppers screaming

I'm transforming my Anet A8 printer to Raspberry Pi driven using PyCNC. Things seem to look promising so far apart from the Z motor doing nothing but making screaming-like sound when supposed to be ...
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