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A method of quick fabrication which produces a scale model of a part or assembly using CAD software, then printing in 3D.

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Min thickness possible by a SLA 3D printer

Consider using SLA 3D print technology for prototyping the jewelry designs. What's the minimum thickness of 3D printed parts that is possible by SLA printers? Is there any general rule independent of ...
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Interlocking and joints for 3D printed structure, tips&types

I'm a student and I need to 3D print a structure for a research. I know nothing about mechanic parts, joints and interlocking so I hope someone could help. The diameter of the whole structure is ...
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Convert model to "skeleton / prototype" model for quick real world "Proof of Concept"

Does anyone know of a method, app, technique to "dumb down", if you will, larger models to do a quick initial print to check that it fits the real world proof of concept that it was designed ...
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Best way to make a new model for custom part printing?

Looking to print a new part for a home appliance. There's going to need to be a new model created with the customizations made, but the model (after printing) will have to fit where the old part was. ...
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Material for printing electric device prototype

We are in a stage of creating a prototype of some IoT device with some electric boards and sensors. The device will be connected to the power and the boards inside might be warm a bit. What material ...
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Where to find information on 'fast' or 'professional' 3D printers?

I work for a company that makes items from plastics. Many or our current runs are between 500 and 5000 copies, but knowing the company, if we find a good method to do smaller runs, they are willing to ...
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3D printing for storage card shell?

I know nothing about 3D printing and I was wondering if it is a good candidate for what I want to make. I want to make a custom game cartridge which looks like this: Basically it's like a SD card ...
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RetinaCreate Optimal Rotation

I'm currently using FSL3d's RetinaCreate to prepare 3d-files for printing for research purposes. In this, I am relying on their Optimal Rotation feature which rotates the object by, as far as I can ...
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Ball valve to be prototyped

Hey so theres a product we have been prototyping. We cant do FDM. The item has a ball valve. and the ball ~ 1.6-1.9mm I cant seem to prototype it. I have tried SLS, SLA, Polyjet. Anybody knows ...
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Whats the difference between a basic rapid prototyping machine and a 3D printer?

In general 3D printers are compact and smaller than RP machines. That's ok. But, what's the difference? 3D printers can be used as RP machine too.
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Alternatives to RepRap project? [closed]

I would like to print 3D desktop printer, but currently I know only RepRap project. Ideally I'm looking for some better quality or larger alternatives (e.g. for printing larger parts than RepRap ...
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