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For questions concerning the reuse or disposal of previously used materials.

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What conditions need to be met precisely to achieve PLA biodegradation?

In addition to the answer at Can I really throw failed PLA prints on compost? and anything else I've read about PLA biodegradability, what exact conditions are needed to achieve this? I mean, oxygen ...
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Any good way to recycle filament? [duplicate]

With a good amount of failed prints, I now have a bunch of filament that is... trash. Is there a good way to recycle it, or any services that you send them your lost filament to then melt it back into ...
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Failed filament dryer deformed my filament. Is it salvageable?

I bought a very famed filament dryer (won't mention the brand) which turned bad on me as I got a failed one; it got exceedingly hot (uneven 60-68 °C) and deformed an almost full PLA spool. Aside from ...
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Is it possible to manually 3D print on an uneven surface?

I chipped off a bit of my otherwise perfectly usable laptop battery and would like to rebuild it. Consider the following picture: Now compare it to what is visible e.g. here. I'm curious if it's ...
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Plastic bottles to filament

Is there a machine (for hobbyists) that will make filament based on the type of plastic I put in. I will sort the plastic before I will put it in the machine. I have seen the filabot but this uses ...
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Melting 3D printed scraps: Burns up

Every time I try melting a scrap piece of plastic it ends up turning brown, smelling, and smoking before even melting down completely. My entire home ends up filled with cancerous fumes and there's no ...
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Treating PLA (Polylactic acid) plastic to make it biodegradable

I am using PLA for 3D printing, and I know it does not degrade well in the wild. I would like to know if there is a chemical process I could use to treat it at home. Specifically, I am looking for a ...
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Cleaning IPA with the help of Mercury wash-and-cure?

I have seen that you can clean used IPA from resin by putting it in the sun a while, making the resin dissolved in the IPA cure. Could I do the same thing just using the cure-mode in with the Elegoo ...
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Finding a shredder for my failed prints

I would love to re-use my failed prints by re-extruding the plastic to be used in the 3D printer once again. One thing that stands in my way is finding an effective way to shred the plastic into ...
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Using the end of a spool

I've seen several Q&As on recycling and reusing plastic from failed prints, but what have you done with the last few meters of filament? I've been keeping the ends of PLA (or sections I needed to ...
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Uses for PLA scraps

I recently got a 3D printer and have been experimenting with it a lot, resulting in a lot of failed prints (as well as successes, fortunately). I'd like to, if possible, find a way to reuse the ...
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Can I really throw failed PLA prints on compost?

So they say PLA is biodegradable. But I still don't know how much biodegradable. I live in a flat and we have composting trash can in the courtyard. However if I throw PLA in there and it does not ...
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What to do with failed/unwanted 3D prints?

I am planning on getting a 3D printer soon and I was just wondering, what do you do with 3D prints that either failed or were prototypes that you no longer want? I tried looking online but the closest ...
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Print paper or cellulose - any recyclable filament?

I know there is a 3d printing technique, where sheet of papers are cut and glued. Like the ones Staples has in their stores. But this sort of paper isnt recyclable, because of the heavy use of glue. ...
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Making your own filament

I"m considering making my own filament, with a device like the one at Partly because it's another machine to build, which is cool, but also to save money on ...
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Optimal ratio of fresh to used nylon powder

I am operating a laser sintering machine, using polyamide 2200 powder (with a grain size of approximately 50 micrometers). During a print, a lot of powder goes unsintered and can theoretically be ...
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Can I mix ABS and PLA when recycling filament?

I'm thinking of recycling some filament from a couple of recently failed prints. I can reuse them in the future for basic prototypes, so I'm not concerned with whatever weird mixture of colors come ...
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How to recycle filament material from printed parts?

Is it possible to re-use ABS or PLA filament material from printed parts? If so, what is the techniques to reform it?
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