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Do OctoPrint or Marlin support "ironing" and additional printing states?

Currently, OctoPrint shows a printer state such as "Printing" as shown below: But is there is a way such as via a Cura script or OctoPrint Plugin to insert a special g-code and let ...
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Is shell scripting possible with OpenSCAD?

I literally just started OpenSCAD today, so please take it easy on me, but is shell scripting possible with OpenSCAD? as in, to write a script in the OpenSCAD syntax, and have it output images, or ...
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How to make a printer bed vibrate using g-code (heated chemical stirrer)?

I was just about to start using my 3D printers heated bed to warm a chemical reaction in a container and was thinking it would be great to be able to get the bed stepping back and forth to stir the ...
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Slic3r - how to combine specific perl code with Slic3r [closed]

I've got a specific perl support tree script that I would like to integrate into Slic3r. Does anyone know how to do that?
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Help with a Tool Change Script

So, I have a Raise3D Pro2, and I'm looking to perfect a tool change script for it, the goal of which is to reduce or eliminate the excess plastic that tends to build up on the nozzle when using the ...
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Can G-code scripts be run automatically on inserting an SD card when using Marlin Firmware?

When running Marlin Firmware, is it possible to run G-code scripts/series of commands automatically when you insert the SD card? I'm running Marlin on a 3D printer board using an ATmega 2560 based ...
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